Thursday, October 13, 2011



So on Tuesday we saw a pre-screening of the new was aight. Don't get me wrong, it was quite enjoyable. It's just that....well, it wasn't broken. Being a child from the 80's I saw the old one over and over again! It was a great movie and it still is!! this one was almost identical to the old one. I was kinda hoping Julianne hough would be able to show off her skills more. But it was good.

Later that night Mikey left his phone in a shopping cart in whole foods. It you have an iPhone, download the "find my iPhone" app. We were able to track down his phone with it and saw it was there, we went back but couldn't find it. It was in whole foods, someone found it and turned it in and he was able to get it in the morning.

ANyways, I am so excited it's friday. Last weekend was amazing! we went up to lake arrowhead. Will post pics soon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rocking chair

So I realize don't have any kids yet. But I ALWAYS look at baby stuff....plan a nursery in my head...put together cute little outfits...yes I know that's probably my biological clock screaming. Anyways, I never seemed to find a cute rocking chair to fit my day dreams. They are always so..fru fru or dated- and not my style. I came upon this one while looking for couches in the west elm website. Sooo my style! love it! thought i'd share...

hey there

So, i've been super busy. Working 5 days a week, 2 of which are 10 hour days. When I'm not working I'm trying to get this house in order. Our stuff finally arrived! No more blow up mattress! I'm very happy. So far the kitchen and dining room are done. I still have clothes to put away and things to find storage homes for. and some things i'm gonna toss. I'll try to update more often but it's getting harder by the day.
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