Monday, December 29, 2008

27 days to go

Less than a months to go. Things are falling into place. I'm starting to get excited!! i've just been so anxious and stressed, but now i see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't believe i'm getting married!!! i'm gonna miss having my mommy available 24hrs a day, only a room away. but yet i'm sooo happy to be starting my new life with mikey and making our own little family! this weekend is my bridal shower... I'm so excited. i handed out invites saturday at church but there was so many people missing! i dunno how i'm gonna get the invites to them. It's gonna be a british style tea party. I can't wait.

My wedding invitations should be ready this week. next week i'll finalize the menu. Sometime this week i gotta go pick out my cake.

it's so much to do!!! but so fun! i do miss my friends though :( i feel like i havent seen them or hung out with them in ages. I've been a hermite- satying home on staurday nights wroking on wedding stuff.

Here are some pics of what i've been working on and a sneak preview at the shower favors. and my invites. aren't they cute??

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I am SO tired!

Today was a productive day to say the least.

Mikey took the day of so we did all of those little things i could only do with him.

So...we woke up early, went to the jewelry store where he bought my ring (i dropped it on the floor and a little side stone fell out) and got it fixed and picked out our wedding bands. (we're awaiting and email estimate- i hope it's not scary).

Then we went to the court house and obtained a marriage license!! that was exciting!

Then we went to 4 different invitation stores (across town), half of which were closed for the holidays and one of which said they could have our invitations AFTER the wedding. Yeah. thanks, but no thanks. So we found one place on miracle mile: Affairs by Caudia that was wonderful! Claudia saved our lives!! she was so pleasant and helpful! i thoroughly recommend this place! So we ordered them and should have them in a timely manner.

Then we went to the tux place and mikey picked out the groomsmen's tuxes- then he kicked me out of the store and picked his. He said it's only fair if he can't see mine, that I can't see his- good point.

Then we came home- rested a bit- then we went to the mall. Yeah i know- we're crazy! who said vegan's have no energy????

SO Tomorrow is christmas eve and I just want to wish everyone a very merry christmas. May God bless you and protect you and may we all, amongst all the glitz and glitter, remember the reason for the season!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Today is our 4th anniversary!!! 4years!!these 4 years have been amazing! I can't wait to marry you and celebrate many more years by ur side! love you!

today worked so i didn't do much. i did go to micheals (i live in michaels lately) it really is a great store. but anyways. My shower invitation arrived today. they're pretty. however....

Big problem!!! i don't have wedding invitations and i called some places today and people (who prints these) actually go on vacation. how dare they! from christmas to new years! who does that??!!!! ok i do since i'm a student but still. how in the world am i gonna find a place (and an invitation i like) that can have them to me by early january???!! PANIC.

Tomorrow mikey took the day off so we can look at tuxes, get a marriage license, look at wedding bands, order invitations (please, please let us find invitations) and sign a contract with the caterer. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH (i'll let u know how much of that we actually get done).

Friday, December 19, 2008


Today my grandma told me I was living off of miracles. She said that because we were talking about the story of how mikey asked me to marry him and the ring almost fell in the sand at night... (you can read the full story here). But the truth is, i've been surrounded by miracles. small ones, big ones...God has been showing himself in my life in such a powerful way.

Lately i had been worried about the venue i wanted for the wedding. Today God answer my prayers and I am so happy and so thankful. I think it'll all work out.

Yesterday we went to look at veils and I found a perfect one, my grandma insists she can replicate it and i have no doubts. While we were looking for veils my mom found a beautiful dress- there was only one and it just happened to fit her perfectly. so withing 15 minutes we found a veil and my mom bought her dress.

Things are falling in place.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guest List Woes

This guest list is one of the most difficult things i've ever had to do. Ok, maybe not. but it is really hard!! so since we have no money and our budget is smaaaaall. hehe we've decided to really keep it to our closest friends and family. I think we have a good list now. finishing this list is a feat let me tell u. i'm very happy about this.

So today i'm going after my veil. My dress is almost done (my grandma is fixing it for me).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting it done

So today i ordered my bridal shower invites (nothing fancy) and i found some supplies for the shower. not bad. Hope to order my wedding invitations soon.

Here are some pics of Fe's wedding. one with the bride and one in the Elevator! so fun!

Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend Round Up

so this weekend was amazing. i spend fe's last night as a single girl with her at the hotel where the wedding was. she surprised me. she was so calm and cool. the wedding was just AMAZING everything was absolutely perfect. i got a call from her today saying she was getting on her cruise. i'm so happy for her. she deserves it. i wish her and Leo all the happiness in the world!

i went back to work today (after 2 weeks) and i was dreading it. But the kids are so great!! they were so excited to see me! how could i not be happy to be back to work! they are so cute.

oh yeah and i went to that meeting with the hotel i want for my wedding. The meeting was great. the lady was so helpful and nice! everything is not set yet 100% but i'm hoping (and praying) that we have it there. Otherwise i'll still be happy because i'm marrying my best friend. I love him.

so now pretty much i'm in wedding mode. But i feel so weird lately. so emotional, so sensitive. I feel like, i guess it's finally hitting me that i'm getting married in less than 2 months and there is just so much to do. i don't think i can get it all done. It kinda makes me want to just go to vegas. quick, classy and cheap. ok maybe not classy.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I had a dream about this dress last night. it was really weird. Like it was really difficult to put on but some how I kept trying like i needed to put it on for some reason.

I've been having lots of strange dreams. So has my mom. We mostly dream of horrific disasters about the wedding. Dreams about my dress being a ridiculous polkadot dress (although i've seen exquisite polka dot dresses), noone showing up to the wedding, being really late like my sister (4hours, yup! not a type-o, FOUR). i hear these nightmares are normal, but they are not fun.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am so happy!!!! this morning I took my last final. Yesterday I presented my doctorate research at the capstone seminar and it was a big hit! everyone loved it and I even got an award for it! it's nice to be validated. SO i can FINALLY relax and enjoy the holidays!!! well, kinda.....

I want to try to get as much done as i can for the wedding during the break. So it might be a busy one.

Only half a semester of classes left, and 2 back to back internships and i'm done!!!!! DONE! well, there's the boards... but still! i'm stoked. Tonight is fe's rehearsal and we get to see (or get an idea) of whether or not Noah will do his job well as the bible boy.... I'm excited. I'm starting to feel all christmassy....i know, i'm a fool.

This is a weird post- all over the place...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am determined to make my own cake for my bridal shower. I keep watching these cake divas show on We (or style or whatever) and i'm convinced i can do it. You will remember my first attempt here. I think i can do better, given i have the proper tools.... That's it, I'm doing it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Round Up

This weekend was so much fun. We had Fe's bridal shower which was AWESOME. we took her to the cheesecake factory, where we had a nice dinner. then we ambushed her in the bathroom and made her wear lingerie over her clothes, a pink feather boa and a beautiful toilet paper veil. She was beautiful! hehe then we made her prance around asking for money. We even got her up on a stage! hehe

Then sunday was camyla and renan's wedding which was beautiful!!! i loved it. cried my eyes out as usual.

So now i'm studying for this big final tomorrow. after that, it'll be a big weight lifted. Also this weeK:
-Big Capstone seminar where i will present my doctorate research on wednesday! eeek
-Another final on thursday.
-Fe's rehearsal also thursday.
-Meet with the lady from the hotel i'm looking at for my wedding on Friday.
-Get ready for Fe's wedding on Sunday!! YAY!

Here r some pics from the bachelorette party!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bridal Shower

I am overflowing with ideas today...not gonna give it all away but here are some hints:

-draped fabric...

I'm getting excited!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Leap of Faith

I've taken a leap of faith and scheduled an appointment with the lady from the hotel i want to get married at. It will take place in 2 weeks. Hopefully by then i will know whether or not i will be able to afford this place. and hopefully she will give me a good deal given the current economic status. we'll see... I'm praying about it.

In other maid of honor news- we will be having Fe's bachelorette outing this weekend and i am super excited!!!

In my own wedding news- i've been thinking alot about my bridal shower... I've finally been getting some ideas...will post about them soon!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I just took a quiz, which i thought was supposed to be due on thursday and luckily was informed it was due today. Not so luckily the stupid thing timed out on me and i didn't finish it (2 questions).


even i'm tired of being a slacker and being clueless and not knowing what's due and when. I also missed class today cause i usually have it thursday and the teacher changed it. nice.

So i'm very frustrated.

Maybe it's a bad case of senioritis or something but i am not happy about this. It's weird cause i kinda consider myself kindoff a perfectionist. Slacker...perfectionist...don't go together right??? Maybe i'm just a perfectionist about stuff i give a crap about. (by the way, Noah now says "Oh crap" perfectly- nice huh).

one week and a day left. just one week and a day left....

BTW not so lame- the shoot was awesome- something to look forward to....

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Week

One week and a half left of school!!! I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to christmas break!!! Anyways, today i finished this case study i had to do and am now starting the website i have to do...

Tomorrow, Mikey and I are doing a follow up shoot with Deise(which has a new website by the way). I cannot wait.

I am so excited for so many reasons:
-The shoot
-My lovely bridesmaid (who just happen to be gorgeous-ALL of them-what r the chances???) have started to purchase their dresses and i LOVE them.
-This weekend is camila and renan's wedding. I love weddings!!! (I'm rooting for u guys)
-This weekend we are celebrating Noah's Birthday (in a very intimate family affair)
-I found out my grandma is arriving the 15th!! yay!!! (the first of my out of town guests- kinda scary-like, we really have to do it now)

So yeah- also..i don't want to get excited about this yet but...we may be able to get this really cute (tiny) would be a huge blessing! so i'm praying about that. God knows best.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

There are so many things i'm thankful for:

-My faith-which is my hope, my strength, what pushes me to try to be a better person everyday.
-Mikey- i cannot believe I found the one I love and he picked me! he is my everything.
-My family- My anchor and the base of who I am.
-Health (after the scares this year) and that of the ones I love.
-Friends - I truly believe i have the best friends in the world.
-New baby that's coming
-The opportunity to study and become something- though it drives me crazy sometimes.
-All the blessings in my life.
-Blessings unknown.
-The difficulties in life that bring us close and shapes our character.
-The list could go on and on really....

So this year, Thanksgiving will be at my house (I've been told to make a vegan desert). Last year we had a buffet and people kinda just floated around...This year I really wanted to have everyone sit at the table. So we're putting two tables together and making it look beautiful. I can't wait.

I love the Holidays, I just thrive on this kindoff stuff. I really want it to be special. Maybe we'll go around and say what we're most thankful for and maybe read alittle something. Everyone will get dressed up and have some tofurky!! ok ok, we're having a real turkey to. I can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bridal Attire

so, though i cannot speak of details...i can say that dress is exquisite. hehe (at least i think so). And i can tell u how i got it!

So i got an invite from the knot to this sale at Ever After (such a beautiful store! can't believe i got my dress there!). So i went with my mom and sister and noah, and derrick (my sister's husband) went too since he had the day off-which was great to have a guy's opinion. he was very helpful!

So we all went, thinking nothing about it (this was the first and only store i went to!!). and so i believe it was the second or third dress i tried on- i felt like a princess with all the beautiful gowns. and i just kept going back to it. so i called my cousin ellen and waited an HOUR for her to get there but i needed to have her opinion (she is my maid of honor along with my sister- yeah i'm having two maids of honor-i couldn't choose!) so everyone loved it and decided i NEEDED to have it.

So i bought it! just like that. i couldn't believe it! but the biggest critic was still to see it- my dad. he is not afraid to tell u he doesn't like something! i mean, there is no sugar coating with him. so i was a little afraid. but when i put it on for him he said he'd never seen such a beautiful dress!!!! so i am VERY happy.

here's a pic of the store

my shoes r another story: i went with my mom to Aventura a while back to look for shoes. I had my heart set on some stuart weitzmans and they have a store there. so to my dismay i found out that my feet are way to fat to fit into ANY stuart weitzman shoe. to my further dismay i fell in love with the most expensive shoes i found and they fit me like a GLOVE.

So of course i left the mall totally disappointed. and beautiful friend Delfina came to the rescue!! she informed me that the shoes would go on sale for significant amount and they would magically become-AFFORDABLE! so they did go on sale and it was great! and now they are mine :D right here. by my side. sigh....

so that's the story of how i got my dress and shoes. my veil will be made by my grandmother who made my sister's beautiful gown. i'm the happiest woman in the world.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Blogging in a Hurry

Don't have time now- have a presentation in 20 minutes. Just wanted to say- I GOT MY DRESS AND I GOT MY SHOES!!! yay! details to follow!

Friday, November 21, 2008

i Want

Created over 150 years ago in Scotland to combat unpredictable weather, these are just so cute!. Functional and stylish with a history behind it! Available here for only $115!

I'm so Excited!

Today my shoes go on sale! if all goes well i will have them soon!!! they r just beautiful, the perfect wedding shoes! I can wait!!!!!

I just realized it's almost Thanksgiving!!!! that is my second favorite holiday!! (after christmas of course). I just love the idea of setting aside a day to show ur thankfulness. and i am sooo thankful for all the blessing in my life! of course, the food isn't bad either :)

Anyways, Plans for the Weekend:

-Work on my term project (will present it on monday to my classmates and therapists of the community)
-Rachel's 1st Birthday!!!! can't wait!
-Work on Term project some more....ugh

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bridal Shower

Here r some pics of Fe's shower! it was absolutely beautiful!!! the place was perfect!! (thank u delfina!) and the decor was a amazing! i borrowed the paper lanterns from barbara (thanks barbara) it was just stunning. and thanks to everyoen who helped!!!


The beautiful bride and my beautiful nephew Noah (with his eyes about to close hehe)

the stylish girls.

Beautiful view!

I'm sick

this always happens to me at the end of a stressful semester:although this time i'm extra stressed out with my wedding duties and this cold front we got didn't help. Anyways, i had my awful test today and it was..well....AWFUL. i just hope i passed. I'v never failed a test before (in grad school). Anyways i have too many good news to keep from blogging today!

I'm going to be an aunt again!! and this time to a beautiful little girl!!! I'm so excited i can't wait!!! to dress her up and teach her things!!! so much love!! her she is looking just beautiful!! i wasn't able to be at the ultrasound (for the first time) because of the awful test but i heard she wouldn't spot moving!!! Noah will me an AMAZING big brother!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have no internet people. Even if i did i have no time. seriously. zero. So it will possibly be like this all week so i'll be back monday. maybe tues or even wednesday but hopefully before thanksgiving!!! i'm on the verge...

quick update: fe's bridal shower was AMAZING! a great success!!! will post pictures soon. my busy-ness is totally because of school. i have to repeat daily "i'm almost done. i'm almost done"

back to studying....

Friday, November 14, 2008


I woke up today with some nasty allergic reaction all over my face. Good start right. (good thing the photoshoot was LAST weekend)

Well today i need to finalize everything for Fe's bridal shower. Hoping to get a little study time too... Tomorrow after church we have our pre-marital class (wonder what that'll be like) and then sunday's the shower! so- busy! busy!

PS I went to the Wedding SAlon bridal show- it was nice- i guess alot of the same vendors go to these things sooo, at least the goody bag was good. (i got shaving gel, soap, godiva chocolate, 3 bridal magazines, heel protectors for ur pumps, some shimery make-up stuff, a little box with a garder, handkerchief and ring bag....i'm telling you- best gift bag so far. I think this will be my last bridal show.

H A P P Y W E E K E N D ! ! !

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crazy Hair

Look what we did recently. hehe Mikey had been growing his hair out for awhile (and for the first time in his life) but he decided to go back to his usual self at least for the pictures and the wedding. So we had some fun with it :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few More...

Just amazing really, Deise's pictures are priceless. (click on the pics to enlarge)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Yesterday was so much fun! Everyone kept asking us what we were doing, whether they should ask for an autograph... it was very nice! and Deise was amazing! She is just the nicest person, so easy to work with! not to mention, the woman's got talent! I mean, the pictures speak for themselves...(More to come on her blog)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

PhotoShoot Today!

I usually don't post on the weekends..but i really had to mention what happened! Well ok so we have been planning a photoshoot and we really wanted it to take place at a carnival! we thought all the colors and lights and the atmosphere would be perfect! plus our first date was at a carnival! so anyways, the only one we found was in miami inside Santa's enchanted forest which would be a little pricey not to mention FAR. We also were concerned about lighting since the forest only opened at 5pm...

So yesterday while coming back from an exchanging trip at the mall we missed a turn and took the long way home. Guess what we came across??!! A carnival!!!! close to home! free admission!!! and open from 1-9pm!!!!!! I was soooo happy!!! Seriously that is why I am not stressed about the wedding (i have nothing and it's less than 3 months away). God seems to be on our side ;) and cheering!!!

So now i will get ready for this shoot. Hope it comes good!!! Will post pics as soon as i have!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Next time ur using a blower in the bathroom think of this. I just laughed for like 30min with this picture!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Tomorrow i have to go to an elementary school to do an evaluation/assessment. I'm beginning to feel more and more like a physical therapist..hmmmm... after only 7 years. go figure! ha. ha.

Wedding update: bands are expensive. As some of u know, mikey is a musician so a band at our wedding would be absolutely AMAZING! yeah, amazing and expensive. and so far my dad, as far as i know, has not received the oh so anticipated money. so- still at a dead end. Pray for me people.

"Se LLama Obama"

I am so inspired by what has happened i our country! honestly! it gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside to hear his speech! Yes we can!! hehe i have high expectations for this one...we'll soon see. But what are we gonna do without tina fay's sarah palin??!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

don't forget to vote!!! Happy Election Day!

Wedding Salon

I got an invitation in the mail from to the Wedding Salon. Apparently it's a luxury bridal show. It's being held at the Biltmore Hotel which is beautiful!!! Anyways, tickets are $50!!!! but theyre giving them away free to brides (at least at theknot). So i really wanna go (it's next Monday)!!! But noone will pay 50 bones to go with me. I'm trying to get my engaged friends (which, surprisingly there are quite a few) to go.

Here's Martha Stewart at the one in NY!

Today I will have to renew my CPR certification (it expires in April while I will be mid-internship). - 3 hours in the middle of the day (boooring). Also today I will start my pre-wedding work-out regime (hopefully).

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fernanda's Invites

I can't check off "make and hand-out fe's invites" off my list! they came out sooo pretty!!!! I didn't take any pictures but here are some pictures of where i got the idea from. Here's the link with more pics and detailed instructions.

Mine came out pretty similar except i used a pretty ribbon loop on the outside and inside there was a 3 page cardstock little book tied together with ribbon including the invite, registry info and a beautiful little map.

So that's what i was doing thursday and friday (plus feeling very lousy). Then sat night i studied. sunday i studied and went to a bridal show that was very productive at the dadeland marriot. Also attended a bridal shower and right now i just finished a test.

wedding update: We will be doing an engagement shoot on Nov 9th!!! yay!! (will post pictures)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Well i'm still super busy- have a test tomorrow and work in a couple of hours and projects to think about...BUT in the midst of all this i'm in the process of booking an engagement shoot!! I'm so excited about this though also pretty nervous. I do NOT have a good experience with photo shoots! (not that i've ever had an official one) but i always come out HORRENDOUS in staged pictures- so fake and ugh! I'm just not good at this. Not to mention all this high-def stuff and close-ups are SCARY (especially with MY skin...)

Anyways, I'm hoping for the best and am grateful for photoshop. and i have full faith in the photographers...i guess we'll see.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Day

Today I'm working on Fe's invites (we figured out what we're doing!!! soooo prettyyyyyyyy) and studying for a test on Thurs....

Monday, October 27, 2008


It's almost November!!! November is a very exciting month for me. So many expectations and so many things to look forward to. Mainly its a make or break month for my wedding. you see my dear daddy is expecting to get a good sum of money mid to late Nov. However, with this economy one never knows what to expect (this event has already been postponed from october). So I am hoping and praying that this comes through. If it does it'll be great! if it doesn't...we're talking Do it yourself EVERYTHING. which i also love but will be alittle more challenging since i want to do this in less that 90 days!

So yeah. Here are some other things happening in Nov.

-Fe's Bridal Shower
-The beautiful shoes i've been eyeing goes on sale
-Thanksgiving! (my second fav holiday after christmas)
-engagement shoot??
-Rachel's 1st B-day!

And if my dad gets paid....
-book reception place (caterer, linens, rentals...)
-find invites, car rental, music, ect
-start on favors, and other personalized items (SECRET items)
-Book Photographer, videographer

This is so exciting!!! Oh and Mikey made BEAUTIFUL save the dates for us to hand out soon!!!! (add finalize guest list to the things i gotta do). Will post a picture as soon as I hand them out (also some time november).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Late night thoughts

I'm so glad the weekend is so close!! I miss Mikey -although he did surprise me yesterday by driving down with a movie and everything! He rented "My Sassy Girl" which i thought i didn't like in the beginning but then was bawling my eyes out in the end (I mean really bawling).

Anyways, I'll finish the experimentation part of my study tomorrow... not looking forward to writing it up- but one step closer to being done.

The wedding is pretty much on hold until we settle some things...but i have all the details right here in my head. Can't wait to share! Here's a dress that I'm absolutely in love with!!!! it's just so beautiful and feminine (it's also Carolina Herrera and $10,000) A girl can dream...

Sleepy Thursday

I have a waking-up problem. This morning I had a class at 8am I got up, got dressed and went back to sleep. Fully clothed. yeah i know. So now i am at school it's almost eleven and i have another class and a quiz.

Yesterday we finished the first phase of our doctorate expeiment which went pretty well. 24 people showed up which is great since we r hoping for a total of 30 and have one more day to go.

I am tired. sleepy. and tired. Will try to post again once i am home. till then check out my awesome wedding website!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Shower Invites

OK, I love these too. I think the one with the circles would be perfect since i'm using round paper lanterns... The others have orange which is the main color I'm using. sooo....
Fe if your reading this- pick one!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Round Up

What a great weekend I had. It was just lovely. From church to our sunday spent at pinecrest gardens and at registries (I'm quite at home at registries now), it was all very pleasant. This week I should be finishing the experimentation part of my doctorate project which is exciting.... Also I think I found invitations I like (see below). They are simple yet beautiful (I love umbrellas for some reason). I found them and Crane and Co. I also visited Micheals today and got some ideas for favors....Next on the list...Save the Dates????? Maybe I will, maybe i won't (seems like a skipable step, but very thoughtful).

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wedding Update

So we picked a date: Jan 25th 2009. I know. SOON. I'm not pregnant people! we just don't want to wait anymore (we've been together 3.10 years) We're ready to start our lives together! We are soooo happy! We really can't wait. I hope we can pull this off in such short notice but really, even if we end up going to the court house...we just want to be MARRIED!

The registries are just about done (we registered at Macy's and Crate & Barrel). Just a few more things we need to decide on. We're also looking a Ikea for some essentials (why don't they have a registry program???). I'm getting ideas for the decor but have some set backs as far as color schemes (so many decisions!!).

We also thought about having our wedding all vegan, but I think that would complicate things...So we're still not sure.

As far a location we want to be married in a church but are facing some issues there as well (his church is in Fort lauderdale, mine is Miami Beach and the reception places we like are far from both!!)

So it's a little stressful but oh so much fun!!! I love this new stage of my life!!!!!

PS In addition, I'm still on Maid of Honor duty- gotta find an invitation for the bridal shower!! Never thought I'd be so picky about shower invitations!! I guess i need a good favor idea too...hum.... gotta a busy weekend ahead!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Newest Family member

Meet my new little niece or nephew! My sister is pregnant again! Coming through once again as the only source for children in the family! Thank God for this precious little gift. We are so excited! She is due on May 8th. Noah is going to be a great big brother!

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