Friday, February 20, 2009

Ups and Downs...But Mostly Ups!

So it's the weekend! yay!!! unfortunately I am studying- yuk!

My pots and pans arrived today at my mom's house! can't wait to see them!!! live and in person! we will be driving down to my beloved MIA today- which I miss so much ( but not nearly as much as I love living with my hubby)! we were gonna stay and have lunch tomorrow at Camila's house which I was so excited about because well, they're newlyweds too and we've never been to their place, but mostly because they're great company and ..oh yeah and she's an amazing cook!! but unfortunately, we found out today that my granny (who came from brazil for the wedding) will be returning on mon! we thought she'd stick around for at least another week. so we gotta spend some time with her.

I miss Noah! so very much!! i can't wait to see him!

So we will stay at my parents this weekend. spend some quality time with the fam. Suck Noah dry of all his wonderful..I guess toddler smell?? and soak up his cuteness!!

I had a dream with my niece last night...(she's not exactly born yet) but she was in my dream and she had a full head of dark hair and a face like an angle! I can't wait to meet her!!!!!

Anyways! happy weekend to all!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Exciting acquisitions!

I ordered my pots and pans!!! aren't they lovely! After some extensive research- these were a perfect match!! Stainless steal, so no harmful non-stick stuff, aluminum core for even heating, life time warranty, oven safe, and includes a steamer insert!!! I can't wait to have them in my arms!! i've been cooking with a huge wok and a huge martha stewart iron pot (which are both fabulous but not very practical for daily use). I also am the proud new owner of my very own BLOWDRYER!! haha finally! anyways...

Today I'm doing some HW, research, stuyding for 2 finals... :P nauseating stuff really. BUt I have a movie date scheduled for later! so i can't wait.

Other news: I start my 3rd internship in less than 2 weeks!!!! My house is a mess cause i only have a washer so our clothes are hanging everywhere to dry!! but i LOVE IT!

Oh and today is PORRE's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PORRE (his real name is JR) (ok that's not his real REAL name but anyways..)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My beautiful cake was from Edda's. The bottom layer was orange, the next one was vanilla rum, the next one chocolate, and the top was our favorite- the orange!! We froze the top to have on our one year anniversary! (PS did u know the frosting is no good after a year but the cake remains intact? and if u take it to the bakery they actually take off the old frosting and refrost ur cake!- that's what I hear anyways...)

What the heck was I saying? OH yeah so Edda's baked the cake and added the ribbon, but the orchids were put on by our very special and talented friend Deise! That made all the difference- it was stunning!!!

The Dress

It was a Vera Wang I purchased at Ever After. I absolutely love it!! The color is amazing- even though I always pictured myself in white, the moment I saw it I fell in love. It was a dark champagny color that went beautifuly with the chocolate brown the bridesmaids were wearing. It had like bows on the side (and i LOVE bows) that were actually vera wang knots (tying the knot- get it) anyways, my grandma made some knots that looked EXACTLY like the ones from my dress and put them on the bouquet!!!

My grandma also made my veil! It was perfect! exactly what i wanted!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


OK time for a real post i guess! if there's anyone still reading. I guess I'm ready to talk about my wedding now. hehe i just have SO much going on! I LOVE my new life!!! and my HUSBAND ;) !!! anyways, i dunno how i'll get through everything, but gotta start somewhere. Sooooo.... here are some pics of the decor (design by myself, carried out by tia suzy and anna and our lovely friends, oh so many friends who showed us so much loved and helped us so much i don't think i'll EVER be able to pay them back!), my bouquet, the center pieces etc...Enjoy! it's was beautiful!


Pictures of the wedding on ! yay! go check it out guys! it was amazing!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm officially moved out. so yes, i have no internet- until wednesday! can't wait. till then....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mrs ?

I am MARRIED. i am! and it feels amazing. I promise to post all about it soon. for now i'm taking a break from wedding overload and trying to set up our new little lives as a new little family. I am so blissfully happy! I wish the same joy to you all!!!

Will resume regular post hopefully. For now gotta catch up on school. 2 test by thursday!!! back to reality! I'M BACK!

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