Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

So, my first week of my last fall semester is over. I gotta say I LOVE my classes!! I'm taking an advanced pediatrics class, a sports class, a differential diagnoses class (which i'm not crazy about since i'm sortof a hypochondriac but it's with a new professor so that's always exciting- i hope), and of course working on my doctorate project. My loans-at least most of them- have come through which i'm so thankful for cause- what would i have done without them?! I'm confident the rest of them will come through too :D

This weekend promises to be an exciting one. Here are my plans:

Friday -go to fort lauderdale for the weekend
-Go to Debbie's house for bible study

Saturday -Go to church in am
-have lunch at Fe's house (my bride-to-be friend)
-hang out with my good friends

Sunday -hang out with my friends some more
-possibly perform some maid of honour duties
-JOHN MAYER concert!!! (which will only be the 3rd concert i have ever been too) yay!

Monday -to be determined (i don't have school...wonder if i have to work???)


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