Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I had a Dream

Ok so I'm not getting ready to make a speech or anything, I dreamt that the chinese gymnastics team was stripped of their gold medal because they were all underage!! The US then (of course) stepped up to the gold!! haha SO weird huh? I was so excited...

Anyways this is gonna be a tough day. Mikey woke me up like 5 times this morning, My sister dropped of noah here at like 6:45, my mom is not feeling well and my dad is home. Help. Me.

At least i don't work, and i don't have school...oh and i might not have school ever if my loans don't come out. this economy stinks. oh oh yeah, And i hurt my left big toe and it huuuuurts.

See what kinda mood i'm in...i need my sleep.

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