Thursday, February 19, 2009

Exciting acquisitions!

I ordered my pots and pans!!! aren't they lovely! After some extensive research- these were a perfect match!! Stainless steal, so no harmful non-stick stuff, aluminum core for even heating, life time warranty, oven safe, and includes a steamer insert!!! I can't wait to have them in my arms!! i've been cooking with a huge wok and a huge martha stewart iron pot (which are both fabulous but not very practical for daily use). I also am the proud new owner of my very own BLOWDRYER!! haha finally! anyways...

Today I'm doing some HW, research, stuyding for 2 finals... :P nauseating stuff really. BUt I have a movie date scheduled for later! so i can't wait.

Other news: I start my 3rd internship in less than 2 weeks!!!! My house is a mess cause i only have a washer so our clothes are hanging everywhere to dry!! but i LOVE IT!

Oh and today is PORRE's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PORRE (his real name is JR) (ok that's not his real REAL name but anyways..)

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