Friday, February 20, 2009

Ups and Downs...But Mostly Ups!

So it's the weekend! yay!!! unfortunately I am studying- yuk!

My pots and pans arrived today at my mom's house! can't wait to see them!!! live and in person! we will be driving down to my beloved MIA today- which I miss so much ( but not nearly as much as I love living with my hubby)! we were gonna stay and have lunch tomorrow at Camila's house which I was so excited about because well, they're newlyweds too and we've never been to their place, but mostly because they're great company and ..oh yeah and she's an amazing cook!! but unfortunately, we found out today that my granny (who came from brazil for the wedding) will be returning on mon! we thought she'd stick around for at least another week. so we gotta spend some time with her.

I miss Noah! so very much!! i can't wait to see him!

So we will stay at my parents this weekend. spend some quality time with the fam. Suck Noah dry of all his wonderful..I guess toddler smell?? and soak up his cuteness!!

I had a dream with my niece last night...(she's not exactly born yet) but she was in my dream and she had a full head of dark hair and a face like an angle! I can't wait to meet her!!!!!

Anyways! happy weekend to all!

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