Friday, September 25, 2009

Still here

Well, I'm still here. My blog entries have become rare, I know. But here's a quick update-

-I graduated! (still studying to pass the terrible boards)
-Being a wife is freakin AWESOME (though there is so much to do, I am left with very little time)
-I am now an aunt 3 times : Noah's little sister Abigail is now almost 5 months!, and Little Leonardo was born to Mikey's cousin just about 1 months ago.
-I am pretty much settled into my new neighborhood and my new home- will post pictures as we decorate our tiny apartment in our style (so far we've done our room).
-I have become an accomplished bread maker (though my last attempt to make pumpkin spice loaf was a rude awakening).

These days my life basically goes like this: Wake in the middle of the night (~7:30am) when Mikey's going to work so we can pray together before he leaves. Wake up again around 10:20, meet my buddy Jake at starbucks at 11:00 (on a good day that means at least 11:15). Get home around 2:30-3:00 and relax for a few minutes before doing some sort of chore (laundry, scrubbing some pots from the night before. going to publix, cooking, or paying the bills- yes I pay the bills). I try to time it so that the food is ready right as Mikey is getting home but then i'm starving and end up munching, so now I just make it when i get hungry and warm it up for him. Then HE gets home. My favorite part of the day!!!! then I watch him eat. And make him tell me a million times how good the food is. He will eat anything i give him. and say he likes it. I might try something real nasty one day, just to see... anyways. then lately we've had one thing or another to do, people to visit, soap opera's to shoot. But tuesdays is our movie night cause the movie theater by my in laws are 99cent on tuesday! and wednesday while mikey practices with his band I visit my friends.

I'm not gonna say i'll try to write more. Let's just see if it happens.

This weekend we will be out of town. ORLANDOOOO! I have family here fro brazil who absolutely need to go, ad I NEED to take them :D.

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