Sunday, June 15, 2008

Baby Shower

Here are some pictures of my sister's baby shower I did ~2 years ago. It was rubber ducky themed and a big hit.

There was this 2 ft long clothes line garland at the store so I made my own life sized version out of the clothes we already had. Much better idea and cheaper!

Bubble bath punch with marshmallows for bubbles.

Guests painted pretty baby things on a mold of my sister's belly. This looks great on a shelf in my nephew's room.

The cake was amazing! and guests took home little bottles of bubble bath with personalized stickers.


Arctic-mermaid said...

Wow, talented cake maker. My sister in law is also very good at this art.

interesting blog too. I see a lot of joy.

Babbi's World said...

why thank you arctic-mermaid! come again!

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