Monday, July 21, 2008

What I did this weekend

Friday Mikey picked me up and we went to his house. There we had veggie soup (we've now decided to go full vegan- we were vegetarian before) and talked till 1:00 in the morning! (we had alot to catch up) then woke up early sat morning, went to church, ate lunch at a friends house then visited our good friends Danny n Delfina and baby Anabela. At night we ordered cheeseless pizza and watched The Bank Job (which was ok except for all the nudity). Sunday we watched Definately Maybe which was great!! my kinda movie!! Everyone go watch it. and then we went to our friends Diana and Dienaro's pool and met up with other friends there. We played this brazilian card game called truco which i lost. then we went to Ross and Debbie's and baby Rachels'house!

So mission complete- we visited our friends (some we barely saw though), watched Definately, Maybe, and spent time with Mikey's family...

This morning I missed class again cause I couldn't get up (we got here last night like at 2am) so i went to publix and picked up some groceries.

FYI!!! My birthday's in 9 days!!!!!!

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