Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Hello everyone, I am feeling a little better and am ready to blog now I think. I think I'll start off by letting everyone know that my lovely friend is having a giveaway in her blog. Highly suggest you run over and check it out. I am in love with her blog. In a short time she's done beautiful things with it and I'm obsessed. I guess cause, yes it's gorgeous, but also cause I can keep up with what she's doing and I miss her so :( Anyways... go check it out!!!!

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Camylla Leonardi said...

Beccaaa!! Your the sweetest thing ever!! I miss you soo much my friend! Seriously today Renan said lets invite someone to come watch a movie with us, I was like who do you want to call? he said Mikey and Beca. I seriously cried and punched him!! hehehe we all miss you guys!! Counting down the days for you to come visit!!


Ps. Please post more often!! I want to know what going on in your life, and I'm so happy your feeling better :)

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