Sunday, August 21, 2011

Microwave Popcorn Fraud

Did. You. Know. that you do not, I repeat, DO NOT. Need to buy expensive microwave popcorn?? I just recently learned that the fancy bag we buy at the grocery store are not special, and not necessary. All you need is a simple, standard brown paper lunch bag, corn and if you want a little oil. Yup that's it. I tried it out myself, sans oil, and it came out perfect. If you love popcorn it will save you beaucoup bucks. Here's how to do it:

Buy yourself a pack of brown paper lunch bags (usually ~$1.99), and some yellow popping corn. place about 1/2 cup or kernels in bag, fold down at top twice. Place in microwave, pop till the popping slows down to less than 2 pops in 10 seconds.

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