Sunday, August 21, 2011

Things that are different in California

1. It gets cold at night.
2. The water at the beach is deathly cold.
3. When you buy a new car you don't need a temporary plate, just the name of the dealer.
4. Lots more buggers. That's right I said buggers (must be the pollution)
5. which brings me to SMOG. A lovely mixture of fog and pollution which sits along the horizon. At first I thought it was mountains far away covered by fog. Nope.
6. traffic lights to enter the highway.
7.Terrible traffic even on Saturdays in the middle of the afternoon.
8.Trader Joe's- this is a good one. Still haven't explored but can't wait.
9. Most freeways don't have tolls.
10. Bad AT&T reception. Sometimes I look down at my phone and instead of being in 3G it's on Edge. Mikey tells me its all older "cell phone technology".

I like the idea of documenting the little different things that we notice but then forget about. Will post these little things as I notice them. We haven't really explored much but hopefully will do so once things calm down a little.

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