Sunday, November 9, 2008

PhotoShoot Today!

I usually don't post on the weekends..but i really had to mention what happened! Well ok so we have been planning a photoshoot and we really wanted it to take place at a carnival! we thought all the colors and lights and the atmosphere would be perfect! plus our first date was at a carnival! so anyways, the only one we found was in miami inside Santa's enchanted forest which would be a little pricey not to mention FAR. We also were concerned about lighting since the forest only opened at 5pm...

So yesterday while coming back from an exchanging trip at the mall we missed a turn and took the long way home. Guess what we came across??!! A carnival!!!! close to home! free admission!!! and open from 1-9pm!!!!!! I was soooo happy!!! Seriously that is why I am not stressed about the wedding (i have nothing and it's less than 3 months away). God seems to be on our side ;) and cheering!!!

So now i will get ready for this shoot. Hope it comes good!!! Will post pics as soon as i have!

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