Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cheap Date Night

Last night Mikey and I went to a movie screening of Contagion! It was so cool! I felt so VIP to be watching a movie before it comes out in theaters! and the best part-it was all free (I guess there are some perks)! we just strolled in, there was a USC table by the entrance we gave them our names, they gave us tickets and then they checked inside my purse (i'm guessing for recording devices). It was very nice, the movie was pretty good too, although I did have nightmares last night- I guess not very good for a hypochondriac like me.

The theater was the one at The Grove. I love this place. It's so beautiful and there's always beautiful music playing while you stroll along. Here are some pics so you see what I mean:

This is the movie theater:

There's a beautiful fountain and lots of little restaurants all around and of course fabulous shops.

You see the tracks on the floor? there's a beautiful trolley that rolls around during the day time.

This is a three story Barnes & Noble we walked into to browse around! Three stories!

Oh yeah and this grove is attached to a Farmers Market! Very cute!


Camylla Leonardi said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun Beca!! One thing is for sure, there is lots more to do there then there is here!!!

Diana Reis Germanowicz said...

Que fofo esse lugar!!!!! Amei!!! Sobre o filme, nao tenho ideia que filme vc esta falando!!! hehehe.... estou por fora! mas deve ser muito legal ver antes que os outros!!!! rsrs

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