Monday, August 29, 2011


License update: So I took the California Physical Therapy Law Exam on Thursday. I def didn't put as much time in as I should have and I was sure I failed. But Saturday night I checked and I passed!! Thank God!! One more step He has gotten us through and now I am just waiting for my California license to arrive.

Job update: I had multiple offers but I am deciding on perhaps accepting two part time positions that will give us a little more money, and more flexibility with travel: i.e. to FLORIDA. Today I turned down two decent full time positions which was pretty scary. Then one of them wrote me back with a ridiculous counter offer (way more than I was expecting). But I think I am sticking with my decision. My happiness is more important than money.

Weekend update: This weekend, Vivian (the sweet friend we are staying with) was out of town on a women's retreat so we were left alone at the house. So on Sat we went to a church called Azure Hills by Loma Linda to meet with a cousin of a friend of ours (Ham's cousin for those of you who know him). We met up with them (her and her father, which BTW looks identical to Ham's dad) then ate at her house, they were very kind to feed us (we haven't been eating too many home cooked meals). THen she took us to a youth thing at a doctors house. THis place had seven pools! that's right SEVEN. Anyways, we didn't know anyone and felt pretty out of place so we went home and I cooked us our first California meal. It consisted of: rice, roasted and slightly smashed garlic potatoes and lime chipotle chicken fingers I found at the store (vegan of course). Then Sunday we went apartment hunting. A lot of people don't work on Sundays so... not much success. Then we drove back home along the pacific coast highway which was beautiful, then we made a turn at Malibu canyon road which tools us between the most beautiful mountains, it was breath taking.

Today update: Mikey had his drum class this morning and now he's in a tutorial for film editing, er or something of that nature. Which means I am chilling on campus pretending I'm a student so that when he's done we can go apartment hunting (you see we only have one car and we are staying at least 40 minutes from USC- which means with traffic, and there's ALWAYS traffic it would take him at least 2 hours to pick me up). Hopefully we find a good place, yesterday we saw a 1bedroom for 1425 but there was a 2 bedroom listed for 1395 that we didn't get to see. Hopefully we can today, it would be great to have a guest room for our visitors- wishful thinking. The place is probably a dump. Will keep you posted.


Diana Reis Germanowicz said...

Nossa Beca!!!! Quanta novidade!!! NAo sei se vou lembrar de comentar todas!! hehe... Parabens pela Licensa!!! Vc merece!!! E parabens pelo trabalho!! Tb acho, que o importante eh ser feliz e gostar do lugar, e nao pensar soh no dinheiro. Seu findi foi bem agitado!!! Ontem foi o niver do LEO. Sentimos falta de vcs. Primeira festinha sem vcs :(. Espero que vcs encontrem um apt. logo!!!!!

Camylla Leonardi said...

Yayy I love when I come to your blog and you have lots of news!! 2 part time job sounds a little hard to handle Beca. But if it's going to give you more time to come see us then all means DO IT!! Uuu the whole place to yourselves hum? Must have been nice to have some privacy after so long. It really sucks that you have to wait for Mikey at the campus for God knows how long.. But that gives you some time to blOg :)

Well you should have taken advantage on Saturday afternoon and made some new friends! Btw 7 pools? Why?

Anyways... I wish you here to hug our new fatty Luna, and to spend My birthday with me! I miss you!!! Beijoss

Babbi's World said...

I don't know, it was kinda like one big pool and then other smaller ones that were kinda connected but separated by waterfalls and stuff. Kinda excessive if u ask me.

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