Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Curious Happenings

This weekend I did everything I said I would except get Fe's invitations (I will keep looking today). The petting zoo was great! My brother actually works at PInecrest Gardens (which is BEAUTIFUL) so we went there and enjoyed the animals, the gardens and the splash pad! I also visited a dear friends i've known since 2nd grade and hadn't seen in a while which was great too!

About Registering for gifts..OMG i had no idea! in one word it was ...overwhelming. So many choices! how do we know what'll match with our house since we don't know what our house will look like?? what's safe to cook in?? do we really need a gravy boat? AAAHHH so i deleted everything i had done on sunday and started over online yesterday. The list is coming along.

And then yesterday the most extraordinary thing-I over slept (which isn't all that unusual) and thought I had missed school then I got 3 texts telling me class was cancelled!!!! don't u love when that happens???

Anyways I have a dermatology appointment today. Looking forward to some samples :)

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