Monday, October 27, 2008


It's almost November!!! November is a very exciting month for me. So many expectations and so many things to look forward to. Mainly its a make or break month for my wedding. you see my dear daddy is expecting to get a good sum of money mid to late Nov. However, with this economy one never knows what to expect (this event has already been postponed from october). So I am hoping and praying that this comes through. If it does it'll be great! if it doesn't...we're talking Do it yourself EVERYTHING. which i also love but will be alittle more challenging since i want to do this in less that 90 days!

So yeah. Here are some other things happening in Nov.

-Fe's Bridal Shower
-The beautiful shoes i've been eyeing goes on sale
-Thanksgiving! (my second fav holiday after christmas)
-engagement shoot??
-Rachel's 1st B-day!

And if my dad gets paid....
-book reception place (caterer, linens, rentals...)
-find invites, car rental, music, ect
-start on favors, and other personalized items (SECRET items)
-Book Photographer, videographer

This is so exciting!!! Oh and Mikey made BEAUTIFUL save the dates for us to hand out soon!!!! (add finalize guest list to the things i gotta do). Will post a picture as soon as I hand them out (also some time november).

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