Monday, October 6, 2008


It all happened in Las Olas..we went to the beach at night- he had his guitar...we played music, sang and prayed together (I was of course very suspicious- but I thought maybe he was trying to throw me off). Then all of a sudden I heard a clunk inside his guitar! and I was like "oh nooooo what is that!!!" and we both knew what was coming next but he said "he had to do it" and so he did. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him- and in one moment he made all my dreams come true. I know everyone must say this, but I really am the happiest woman in the world!

Here comes the good part- i said yes- of course and we hugged and then I go "ok well let's see it!!" and I open the box..and.. NOTHING. So naturally, knowing mikey i assume he's joking and he's gonna take it out of his pocket any minute. But then I see the panic in his face. "I'm so not kidding beca, I'm so not kidding." he starts to look around everywhere. Mind you- on the beach. at night. Luckily we were on a lounge chair, and after searching frantically, he found it dangling on the chair strap -about to fall through the crack!!

and i love it of course, because it's perfect. but most of all because of what it represents, and because he gave it to me.


marly said...

Que romantico!Que Deus abencoe voces,e que vcs sejam muito felizes!

Tatyanna said...


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