Friday, October 17, 2008

Wedding Update

So we picked a date: Jan 25th 2009. I know. SOON. I'm not pregnant people! we just don't want to wait anymore (we've been together 3.10 years) We're ready to start our lives together! We are soooo happy! We really can't wait. I hope we can pull this off in such short notice but really, even if we end up going to the court house...we just want to be MARRIED!

The registries are just about done (we registered at Macy's and Crate & Barrel). Just a few more things we need to decide on. We're also looking a Ikea for some essentials (why don't they have a registry program???). I'm getting ideas for the decor but have some set backs as far as color schemes (so many decisions!!).

We also thought about having our wedding all vegan, but I think that would complicate things...So we're still not sure.

As far a location we want to be married in a church but are facing some issues there as well (his church is in Fort lauderdale, mine is Miami Beach and the reception places we like are far from both!!)

So it's a little stressful but oh so much fun!!! I love this new stage of my life!!!!!

PS In addition, I'm still on Maid of Honor duty- gotta find an invitation for the bridal shower!! Never thought I'd be so picky about shower invitations!! I guess i need a good favor idea too...hum.... gotta a busy weekend ahead!

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