Monday, December 22, 2008


Today is our 4th anniversary!!! 4years!!these 4 years have been amazing! I can't wait to marry you and celebrate many more years by ur side! love you!

today worked so i didn't do much. i did go to micheals (i live in michaels lately) it really is a great store. but anyways. My shower invitation arrived today. they're pretty. however....

Big problem!!! i don't have wedding invitations and i called some places today and people (who prints these) actually go on vacation. how dare they! from christmas to new years! who does that??!!!! ok i do since i'm a student but still. how in the world am i gonna find a place (and an invitation i like) that can have them to me by early january???!! PANIC.

Tomorrow mikey took the day off so we can look at tuxes, get a marriage license, look at wedding bands, order invitations (please, please let us find invitations) and sign a contract with the caterer. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH (i'll let u know how much of that we actually get done).

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