Friday, December 19, 2008


Today my grandma told me I was living off of miracles. She said that because we were talking about the story of how mikey asked me to marry him and the ring almost fell in the sand at night... (you can read the full story here). But the truth is, i've been surrounded by miracles. small ones, big ones...God has been showing himself in my life in such a powerful way.

Lately i had been worried about the venue i wanted for the wedding. Today God answer my prayers and I am so happy and so thankful. I think it'll all work out.

Yesterday we went to look at veils and I found a perfect one, my grandma insists she can replicate it and i have no doubts. While we were looking for veils my mom found a beautiful dress- there was only one and it just happened to fit her perfectly. so withing 15 minutes we found a veil and my mom bought her dress.

Things are falling in place.

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