Monday, December 1, 2008

New Week

One week and a half left of school!!! I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to christmas break!!! Anyways, today i finished this case study i had to do and am now starting the website i have to do...

Tomorrow, Mikey and I are doing a follow up shoot with Deise(which has a new website by the way). I cannot wait.

I am so excited for so many reasons:
-The shoot
-My lovely bridesmaid (who just happen to be gorgeous-ALL of them-what r the chances???) have started to purchase their dresses and i LOVE them.
-This weekend is camila and renan's wedding. I love weddings!!! (I'm rooting for u guys)
-This weekend we are celebrating Noah's Birthday (in a very intimate family affair)
-I found out my grandma is arriving the 15th!! yay!!! (the first of my out of town guests- kinda scary-like, we really have to do it now)

So yeah- also..i don't want to get excited about this yet but...we may be able to get this really cute (tiny) would be a huge blessing! so i'm praying about that. God knows best.

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