Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend Round Up

so this weekend was amazing. i spend fe's last night as a single girl with her at the hotel where the wedding was. she surprised me. she was so calm and cool. the wedding was just AMAZING everything was absolutely perfect. i got a call from her today saying she was getting on her cruise. i'm so happy for her. she deserves it. i wish her and Leo all the happiness in the world!

i went back to work today (after 2 weeks) and i was dreading it. But the kids are so great!! they were so excited to see me! how could i not be happy to be back to work! they are so cute.

oh yeah and i went to that meeting with the hotel i want for my wedding. The meeting was great. the lady was so helpful and nice! everything is not set yet 100% but i'm hoping (and praying) that we have it there. Otherwise i'll still be happy because i'm marrying my best friend. I love him.

so now pretty much i'm in wedding mode. But i feel so weird lately. so emotional, so sensitive. I feel like, i guess it's finally hitting me that i'm getting married in less than 2 months and there is just so much to do. i don't think i can get it all done. It kinda makes me want to just go to vegas. quick, classy and cheap. ok maybe not classy.

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