Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I just took a quiz, which i thought was supposed to be due on thursday and luckily was informed it was due today. Not so luckily the stupid thing timed out on me and i didn't finish it (2 questions).


even i'm tired of being a slacker and being clueless and not knowing what's due and when. I also missed class today cause i usually have it thursday and the teacher changed it. nice.

So i'm very frustrated.

Maybe it's a bad case of senioritis or something but i am not happy about this. It's weird cause i kinda consider myself kindoff a perfectionist. Slacker...perfectionist...don't go together right??? Maybe i'm just a perfectionist about stuff i give a crap about. (by the way, Noah now says "Oh crap" perfectly- nice huh).

one week and a day left. just one week and a day left....

BTW not so lame- the shoot was awesome- something to look forward to....

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