Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Still no word from the apartment people. Today I plan on sending some resumes in (even to places that are not hiring, as long as they are in the area. They may not be aware that they need another PT. A fabulous one! named REBECA. ok anyways..)

With all this craziness, I almost forgot that my Bday is this SAturday! I will be having a little pool party as always, this time at my sister's house. I'm excited! What do I want for my bday you ask??? Oh a place to live would be nice...maybe a job....or maybe my family and friends could all move to California? along with my boss and co-workers...Not gonna happen???

I guess what I really want is to just spend some time with my family and closest friends. We really can't afford to be buying gifts right now anyways with all our moving expenses and me not having a job and all...But don't you worry. As soon as we get settled I'm buying myself a belated bday gift ;P

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Camylla Leonardi said...

No worries, your friends arent moving. So youll be getting lots of goodies from us :)
Cant wait for your PARTAYYY

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