Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Brazil Trip

I realized I have mentioned NOTHING about our recent trip to Brazil, sooo...i've posted a short summary in pictures:

This was a beautiful beach, very private.

We spent our first weekend in Brazil in the country for "Sao Joao" -which is a Holiday celebrating the harvest. So everyone goes to the country and eats lots of wonderful food-mainly made from corn.

The streets were decorated for the holiday in colorful flags-as is the custom. It looks SO beautiful and happy! Made me want to do this to a part of my house...maybe the balcony?? hehe maybe not.

Love this pic of the lights at night.

This little sign was in a little bar we went into. It mean "street of kisses", isn't that sweet?! I want that sign!

On the beach! This is winter in the northeast of Brazil people!

Me and my grandaddy! He turned 80 while we were there! and still going strong! and looking good I might add!

Olinda. one of my favorite places. This city is full of hills that over look the big city of Recife. All the houses are stuck together but each are painted a different color!

So there you have it!

PS: pics taken by my talented husband ;)

1 comment:

Camylla Leonardi said...

Love the pictures Beca, specially the last one where theirs all the colorful houses and the big building behind it!

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