Monday, July 11, 2011

Things we've checked off the list

-Transfer my PT license to California
-Get letter of completion from FIU
-Get finger prints done at police department.
-Send in docs to Cali
-Sit for the laws exam
-Book Mikey a flight to Cali to find us a place to live
-rent a car and find a place to stay (hopefully for free with someone we know)
-Find a place to live
-Get a job (me)
-Re-vamp resume and send away
-Reserve a uhaul truck w/car rig
-Get boxes and packing equipment
-Give away/get rid of unwanted stuff
-Map out our move across the country-stops, hotels, sights, etc..
-Change address of all our bills, netflix, memberships, etc...

We were able to book Mikey a flight using our points form our Amex. He'll be gone 4 days next week :( SO we are doing research so when he gets there, he will know where to look. Tomorrow I will get my fingerprints done...

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