Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So, I've been so busy lately. Not having Mikey around stinks!! He usually helps me so much! Makes my lunch, cleans the dishes...having to do EVERYTHING on my own sux! Anyways, we've realized, as he searches apartment after apartment, that most likely we are going to have to downgrade. How do you down grade from a tiny one bedroom apartment, where people have to walk through your room to use the bedroom, you ask? You move into a TINIER one bedroom apartment in California with no central AC, where you may have to pay rent for a fridge. You do this, Oh yeah, and you PAY MORE. Well, here's hoping i get a little salary boost! hopefully.

So yes, we are scrambling to find a place so that we have an address to send our things to. and so that we have a date that we have to be there by, so that we can figure out when we are leaving. Meanwhile I am collecting boxes and looking forward to having my baldy back. Nothing like a little distance to remind you how helpless you are without the one you love. and I love HIM!

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Camylla Leonardi said...

how are your acting skills? I'm thinking maybe you should just get a acting job like everyone else who lives there lol

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