Friday, September 2, 2011

Being Vegan in LA

I haven't started working yet and our bank account is dwindling away as we speak, we haven't really had time to explore all our options. Having said that, I found this new website called that is completely dedicated to vegan restaurants in the LA area! Seriously this is like heaven. Not that we didn't have vegan options in Florida, we did- and they were delicious, but they were only a handful. People would look at me, stunned as if I was from another planet when they found out I was vegan. "No meat, really? No cheese??!!" they would ask in shock, and then proceed to taunt me with ideas of a juicy burger. Didn't phase me, still doesn't.

But here! in LA, I feel like it's completely normal! I mean check out this site if you have some time it's amazing (try to get past the meat is murder on the banner- a little much)! loads of restaurant, from fancy to fast food, from brunch to bakeries!!!! Can't wait to explore them all. And of course report back on them!!!

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