Monday, September 5, 2011

Feeling like the New Kid

So tomorrow, I start working again! Mixed emotions- Happy and thankful I have a job and soon to have some income coming in again, and at the same time kinda nervous. It's been a month since I last worked. Do I still know what I'm doing? Is Physical Therapy done differently here in California? What will the patients here think of me? Will I look like a total jerk?

All to be answered shortly. Tomorrow I will start my Tuesday and Thursday job from 9-3. And on Friday I will start my Monday, Wednesday, Friday job. It's like 2 first days of school. Two clinics to learn how everything is done and where everything is. Two sets of paperwork to figure out.  ai ai ai.

Having said that, I remember it's LABOR DAY! lol I should be thankful that I am able and ready to labor. And I am! Hope everyone had a good holiday!!! Today we passed by downtown LA for the first time. Here's a pic from the Walt Disney Concert Hall we took today. Isn't it beautiful?


Camylla Leonardi said...

How exciting Beca!! Your going to be Great! and I'll be praying for you!! Thats a gorgeous building, why dont they make cool things like that here in FL? :(

Have a good first day of work! I'm sure everyone will LOVE you!

Camylla Leonardi said...

Oh yeah.. Sorry I saw that you asked how to remove the word notification thing and I forgot to tell you.. Okay here is how you do it. {dashboard, settings, comments at the bottom it will say "show word verification for comments?" and you say no and save!!

Babbi's World said...

hmm.... i updated to the new blogger style thingy and now I can't fix it!

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