Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Still Lost

Yesterday was one of those days. To start off I was stuck in traffic and ended up LATE to my first day of work. And not just a few minutes late, a whole half an hour!! How embarrassing! Then I got a $68 parking ticket. I parked in a meter and paid...except it was street cleaning day and you couldn't park there for certain hours!?! what the heck is that?! street cleaning???!!! Then my first patient a sweet (NOT) little old lady who didn't want to do anything. Then I got on the expressway to pick Mikey up in the wrong direction!!! Adding who knows how much time to my traffic stay. And to top it off, the lovely lady from the apartment we've been wanting to get, calls me and informs me that she has many application and that we are not first in line for the apartment because our application is not complete. When we sent in the application weeks ago and the thing isn't even available to view yet! No we have not seen this stupid place!! I guess cause they are requiring letters of employment from both of my part time jobs.

Everything is so difficult here. Then today I get a call from one of my part times letting me know that he would like me full-time. Now what? oh yeah and lets not forget I got my period today. Need to get my life in order!!!!!

On a happier, lighter note. Today is Brazil's Independence Day!!! Happy birthday to the country of my origin, from which I am proud to have come from!!! 

1 comment:

delfinita said...

Ohhhh what a day :-/....and you survived,,, how were days 2 and 3??? and any news on the appt?

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