Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Another Monday

(taken this afternoon while I waited at a red light)

So in keeping with the positivity (or at least the attempt there of) I post these gorgeous bulbous flowers (I think they are amaryllis). We don't really have bulbous flowers in Florida (except cut ones at Whole Foods and what not) and I must admit they are exquisite. It made me really happy to see them (so much so I took a picture). 

So let me give you a quick update on my weekend.

I had that interview. It was AMAZING. I was so happy to be in a REAL PT clinic with athletes and top of the line equipment. It was big and spacious, and had lots of windows!! (just like good ol Accelerated). I thought the interview went well. Unfortunately it's Monday and I haven't heard from them :/ 

Then we went to have dinner with Vivian in Ms. Cheryl's house (Ms. Cheryl is Vivian's good friend, Vivian is the lady we were staying with). We had "puerto rican" rice and beans, which turned out to be just regular rice and beans. 

We went to brazilian church we haven't been to before, in Chino. It was nice, they were celebrating their 30 yr anniversary. We felt out of place. But they had a band! that was cool...anyways so we left right after service, went home, took a nap then our good friend Marcolinha came over and we took him to venice beach. It was freezing so we came home and Mikey started working on stuff for school and I started watching the Kennedy's series on Netflix. Then we ran around and got stuff for his shoot tomorrow.

Mikey had to shoot his third short film. So for the better part of the day he shot his movie and I helped. He had professional actors this time, it was kinda neat. My job was to hold up lights, give opinions on different shots and get the actors lunch (that's what I was doing when I took the picture above).

Today was day two of the shoot, pretty much a repeat from yesterday. Then we did laundry and I finished the Kennedy series, very interesting! What an amazing family so plagued by tragedy. Reminded me of how the troubles I'm facing are really nothing. I am blessed.

Tomorrow I have work, thank God I have this part time to keep me somewhat busy and SANE! I would like it so much if I got a reply from the people from the interview. But God knows what's best.

Good Night everybody! XOXO

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