Friday, September 23, 2011

Culver City Famers Market

So I thought I'd post about something positive today. Like, for example, our neighborhood. I am LOVING our neighborhood. Even when we had car trouble, I dropped off the car at toyota, and walked home. Only took me 8 minutes. Isn't that nice?

This Tuesday was the first Tuesday I was able to finally go to the farmers market. Didn't buy anything cause I really didn't have time cause I had to pick Mikey up from school (having one car is awe-some). But I did have time to take these lovely pictures:

Literally on my street guys...

Sooo cool! that carrots still had dirt on them!!!

The had some samples out so you can have a taste before you buy. Theses grapes were oh so sweet!!

 No kidding these were the best smelling tomatoes EVER!

So there you have it. Not too shabby huh?

P.S. I have a job interview tomorrow! Cross your fingers!!!


delfinita said...

O.M.G. A M A Z I N G !!! My dream, seriously! There is a puddle from all my drooling! Dirt on carrots.. that's what I'm talkin about. I need to get my garden going asap. Love and miss u!

Camylla Leonardi said...

You lucky DOG!! I would love to have fresh fruits and veggies whenever I feel like it!! Perfect location!!

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