Sunday, September 18, 2011

Settling In's been tough. These past two weeks have been a nightmare! But thank God it's OVER!

Here's what happened: in short I had accepted two part time jobs, one of them I started promptly, the other, the owner was on vacation and I would start when he got back. This guy came back and tried to change up the terms on me. Can you believe that?! When I had rejected great offers to work with him! Anyway, long story short, he finally agreed to our previously determined terms but by that time I had no desire to work for this guy anymore....

At the same time, the stupid apartment we were waiting for kept asking for more and more info only to tell us that they gave the apartment to someone else! All this happening at the same time while our bank account kept disappearing and Vivian (the lady we were staying with) was moving to a smaller two bedroom apt!

Needless to say I had several little meltdowns. But you know what I finally did? I got on my knees and I said "God, I don't know what I'm doing. Maybe you can take over from here." and you know what? He did! That same day we got the rejection from the apt Mikey remembered this other apt that he had seen, we called to see it and the next day we were told it was ours! and I emailed some jobs and got a second part time no problem! God is good!

So we've been moving and helping Vivian move and we just got internet today! The movers got our stuff from Florida on Friday and it should be here by the end of the week!

Our apartment is so charming! one bedroom, hardwood floors, with an old cozy feel to it. On a great street where we can walk to lovely shops and restaurants and TRADER JOES (which i'm in love with). AAAANNNDD every Tuesday there's a farmer's market on MY street!!!!

Today Mikey and I took our first walk in our neighborhood. Isn't it charming? I know the picture is kinda dark but this is our starbucks-so chique!

And this is in front of our movie theater- that we can walk to!


Camylla Leonardi said...

Oh wow Becca, look how amazing God is, He was just waiting for you to come to him, and when you did everything got under control!! I'm so happy for you guys!!

delfinita said...

love this post! you are growing so much through this experience it's just amazing :-D! and I am so jealous you can WALK to trader joes,,, that's only my life long dream. When we come visit you, we'll have to take daily shopping walks,,, or bike rides. oh how awesome!

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